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Pastor Benjamin

Pastor Ben Devine was born in 1981 and grew up in Cedar Lake, Indiana. He trusted Christ at four years of age, and was baptized at age five. Following the calling of the Lord into the ministry, and soon attended Hyles-Anderson College.


Pastor Devine was ordained into the Gospel ministry in 2008. He served as Assistant Pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church and the Principal of Lighthouse Baptist Academy until 2013. On December 8, 2013, the Calvary Baptist Church members voted to accept Ben Devine as their Pastor.


Calvary Baptist is committed to serving the communities of Lake Station, Indiana in the
true Bible-believing way. Calvary is
unwavering in its faith and
devotion to the LORD. 

At Calvary, the sermons follow what
God has written in the Bible. The LORD
is put first above all. The Great
Commission is a charge of the
Church, and members are faithful. 


Check out the 
work of the Lord

See some of the events, works, and actions Calvary Baptist has taken to strengthen faith and community! 

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